Google seems to index this thing pretty damn well, so I might as well post this here.   Hopefully it will help some desperate person.

Apparently earlier versions of the Zune software were smart enough to know that a folder.jpg image in the same directory as an album is probably the album art.  This functionality was lost somewhere along the way, however, and now it only recognizes ‘ZuneAlbumArt.jpg’.  If you’re anything like me, your collection uses folder.jpg, and setting album art manually for every album within the Zune software would take decades.

So, naturally, I wrote an overcomplicated VB script to take care of it for you.  Place this file in the root of your music folder and run it.  It will search through every subdirectory, and upon finding a folder.jpg, will duplicate it as ZuneAlbumArt.jpg.  It also optionally generates a nice logfile to tell you what it has done.  Afterwards, open up the Zune software, and all of your album art will magically be present.  I keep this thing around and run it every few weeks as I add music to my collection. 

Get the file: